Our Process: How we work!

Step 1: Client provides data to us:

A. We accept data at our office at 45 Swift St, S. Burlington, VT 05403

  * You can drop it off in person - No appointment needed but check our business hours

  * You can use the drop box near the entrance

  * You can mail us your paperwork

B. We also accept data via our online portal: https://greentaxinc.com/ Just click on Client Portal or email us a request and we can invite you to the portal

   Please note: We prefer clients not to use email unless they password protect their data. 

   We also cannot click on links to access data, so either use our portal to send us soft copies or another approved secure method. 

C. New Clients: Click on the link below to get a logsheet/checklist template to give you an idea of typical data needed: 

D. New Clients: We need a complete copy of your last filed tax return (For 2021 Tax year, we need 2 years of prior tax returns).

Step 2: Client informs us when we have the green light to work on their taxes (preferably after 99% of data needed has been provided). You can email us or call us. 

Step 3: We log the client in our system and email you back the log # so you have confirmation you have been entered on our list of returns to be prepared.

Step 4: We work on your taxes. Please note during this process we appreciate your prompt responses to any questions or in providing any missing data needed.

Step 5: We print a paper copy of your tax return or upload a pdf to the portal per each client's request and give you an opportunity to review your tax return.

Step 6: Client pays for the return preparation costs, for new clients you can see our rates on our website under Services. For existing clients, your rate is typically your prior year rate plus or minus adjustments for new services needed or not and for a small yearly inflation increase.

Step 7: Client reviews return and after any questions are resolved give us permission to efile the return.

Step 8: We efile the return, if for any reason the return is rejected, we will inform the client. No news from us is good news. We will only contact client if the return is rejected. 

Step 9: We are here year around if you have any questions or receive any government letters regarding the return we prepared for you just contact us and we will help you.